Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does Drakia provide?

  • Web sites, including web forms, databases, and animations.
  • General illustrations, such as satire cartoons, children's books, CD covers, and calendars.
  • Technical illustrations, such as mechanical diagrams, landscaping maps, floor maps, piping and electrical charts.
  • Corporate related designs like logos, business cards, flyers, catalogues, and signs.
  • Photography, video filming and editing included.

2. Does Drakia use Word Press for web design?

Web design by Drakia is done through CSS, HTML, JavaScript and PHP development. Word Press is not used unless a client requests for it.

3. Does Drakia do web hosting?

No, Drakia does not provide web hosting. However, web hosts can be recommended to the client.

4. Can Drakia acquire domain names and web hosting?

No, it is the client's responsibility to register a domain name and web host. If Drakia does acquire registration for a domain name and web hosting, the client must supply the information and agree to cover the costs.

5. How much does Drakia charge for services?

For services, Drakia charges a rate of $20.00 per hour.

6. How and when is payment accepted?

At the beginning of every project, an estimate will be arranged. Only 25% of the amount is paid up front and the rest is invoiced at the end of project, which is in case the project takes longer or sooner than estimated. Drakia will accept e-transfers, but cheques are preferable.

7. Does Drakia handle the printing of documents?

No, Drakia does not have the equipment and resources for printing. However, Drakia will prepare projects in portable document files and send them to the client. The client can arrange a time and place to print the portable documents.